Pakistan’s Educational Systems

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Before I met Sister Zeph, almost 4 years ago now, I honestly did not know that much about Pakistan or its educational system. I always thought that I had to be rich, know a lot of people and travel the world to make any difference. I turned out to be wrong and I also was unaware of how dire the educational system is in Pakistan until I actually went there. There is no documentary or

The Education System in Cambodia: History and Now

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My perception of Cambodia has always been, I admit, limited. I have done research about the Vietnam war and South Asia but I have never know that much about Cambodia expect for the fact that it is in South East Asia. I have been following an American woman (Tracy Settler) who gave up her life in America to build a school in Kep, Cambodia (Sala Monkey Primary School) and I have been following her now
I have always been interested in women’s rights and the world’s cultures as long as I can remember. I never thought that a part of my life’s journey would be doing humanitarian work on behalf of grassroots educational leaders who are trying to make a difference with the educational system in their countries…but here I am. I have been helping a school overseas in Pakistan for almost 4 years now and it has gotten to

The Seeds of SEW

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SEW begins with an unlikely friendship of two women from opposite ends of the world, Sister Zeph in Pakistan and Malee Kenworthy (me) in America. The initial encounter happened serendipitously online when I was following Malala Yousafzai on her Facebook page. I was at working as a Nursing Assistant at an adult family home at the time and would go online in the evenings due to my 24 hour shifts. I happened to be at

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  1. Muhammad Shafique

    You are right. It is true as our educational system does not meet the standards of education. There is disparity as the children of rich go for expensive schools with O levels and A levels and poor children go government schools where there is no standard education.
    I spent 2 years in government school for my 6th and 7th grade classes. i had keen interest in Physics and mechanical sciences but i was always pushed aside.
    There are millions of students who suffer from the same problem as i went through.
    You and Zephania education trust are doing a great effort.
    i highly appreciate your efforts…plz keep doing and never give up.
    You can make a difference.

    1. admin

      Thank you for reading and commenting Shafique!

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