Justice Mission Christian Outreach Sierra Leone

Changing Lives. Building Communities. Reaching Nations

The Christian Outreach Justice Mission - Sierra Leone is a human rights Christian charitable organization which was formed about a decade ago by well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to serve humanity for their holistic development and build their communities through the creation of opportunities to make a living meaningful for the people regardless of where they live.
They are registered with the Ministries of Social Welfare, Gender and Children’s Affairs, Finance and Economic Development, and hence it is a non partisan or non political organization. The organization is committed to supporting and working in Human and Community development areas like Education, Health, Shelter, Agriculture, Skills training, Micro financing, Relief assistance, Human rights and Justice. Other areas include Peace and human rights education, health education, recreation and sports. They also promote and engage in work camps, internships, volunteer and exchange programs at home and abroad. The approach for their services is holistic and not discriminating on the basis of religion, ethnicity, nationality, color, belief and sexual orientation. They serve the children, youths, women, disabled, adults and elderly.


Give the Gift of Education Today!

We envision a world where disadvantaged groups including children, youths, women, disabled and more receive maximum attention of the people and those institutions providing care, services and support to help them realize their potentials for a secured future and hence live in dignity. Our mission therefore is to promote practical activities with the people, families and communities to enhance the socio- economic conditions for their holistic development. To this end, we exist with these core mandates:

  • Outreach the people for their holistic development.
  • Promote humanitarian assistance to the people and needy institutions.
  • Promote human rights with advocacy for social and economic justice of the people.
  • Promote activities on environmental protection and community safety.
  • Promote peace, solidarity and development with communities. Given this, we operate various units which include Gender and Human rights, Counseling and Training, Relief and Development, Construction and Consultancy, Evangelism and Church planting, each with a unit head and team leader for its operations.