Little Hopes Center Kisumu, kenya

Bringing Hope, Love and a Bright Future In The Lives Of Children

“Jitegemee” This is a word whose authenticity is in Swahili. It can be translated as “Depend on your own,” or simply, “be dependent”

Jitegemee Community (Little Hopes Center) is a faith based non-profit project based in Kenya. It is located in Manyatta slums, in Kisumu Town. The Project was started by some youths who shared the same visions, and therefore went ahead and registered the Community in 2007. The project started with a purpose to arrest social economic activities among orphans and vulnerable children by helping them acquire Early Childhood Development Education. By so doing this, it would reduce poverty and eliminate child abuse that is rampant in Africa. The sole reason for the community, as the director explains, is just as the scripture call us to love and serve the poor throughout the world, as Jesus did. We give and restore hope by demonstrating God’s love. Through these works, others are able to know their value, realize their potential, and experience life in all its fullness.

Give the Gift of Education Today!

Little Hopes is one of the programs in Jitegemee Community. It mainly focuses on educating children as education is the best way to confront poverty.

“Give a child a fish and tomorrow they will ask for more, but show a child how to do fishing, and tomorrow they will find for themselves.” The program does a number of things with children. Its focus is mainly on:

  • Providing Early Childhood Development Education to Vulnerable and underprivileged Children within the community
  • Feeding the kids while in school
  • Health program
  • Spiritual Nourishment
  • Growth monitoring