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Zephaniah Free Education & Sala Monkey Primary School

Zephaniah Free Education

Now at Zeph center there are 200 students who are getting twelve years of free education and annually 300 women learn skills like stitching, beautician work, physical fitness, self-defense techniques, science, art, IT education, English language, health Education, Finance management, Blogging, Career Counseling, Peace building and more. We also employ 15 teachers who are teaching students at the primary level, secondary and skills center.

Sala Monkey Primary School

We currently have 157 students enrolled in our Pre-K through Primary 5 program with three foreign and two local Khmer teachers. We teach English language, mathematics, science, creative arts, sport, and citizenship going beyond basic conversation skills. Our goal is to see their education through to grade 12 and assist them in accessing higher education. We are opening a whole new world of opportunities for them through learning and education!

New partnership!
Justice Mission Christian Outreach Sierra Leone

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