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To raise the status of women through education and empowerment so they can have equal opportunities, rights and authority in their lives. Thousands of women are facing these problems every day here in Pakistan. Sister Zeph has been working tirelessly for many years to change these statistics. Please help us continue to change the lives of hundreds of women and children by donating today. Now at Zeph center there are 200 students who are getting twelve years of free education and annually 300 women learn skills like stitching, beautician work, physical fitness, self-defense techniques, science, art, IT education, English language, health Education, Finance management, Blogging, Career Counseling, Peace building and more.

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Child marriage remains a serious concern in Pakistan, with 21 percent of girls marrying before the age of 18. In January 2016, a proposal submitted to parliament by WHOM aimed to raise the legal minimum age to 18 for females and introduce harsher penalties for those who arrange child marriage. However, on January 14, 2016, the proposal was withdrawn following strong pressure from the Council of Islamic Ideology, a body that advises the parliament on Islamic law. The council criticized the proposal as “anti-Islamic” and “blasphemous.”

Violence against women and girls—including rape, murder through so-called honor killings, acid attacks, domestic violence, and forced marriage—remained routine. Pakistani human rights NGOs estimate that there are thousands of “honor killings” every year.


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